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Guelph’s Trusted Water Source

Water Store Guelph is your trusted source for quality water products and drinking systems. For your cottage, home or business, we have the quality products and the service expertise to ensure your water is pure and healthy.

Quality Products & Warranties

Water Store Guelph offers in-house warranties on all water products, including water softeners and water coolers.

Water Systems
Water Softeners and Filters

1.Water Softener & Backwashable Iron Filters

Let us help you choose the correct water treatment system for your home, farm or business.  We can arrange to do a site visit, test your water and advise accordingly. This can be correctly sized filter housings and filters, backwashable iron filters and water softeners. We are direct distributors of Viqua, Greenway (GHP), Canature and Waterite brands. Cost varies depending on exact model and size.

Water Systems and Filters

2. Filter Housings and Filters

Filter housings for in-line water treatment.
Sizes: 2 1/2 inches x 10 inches, 4 1/2 inches x 10 inches, 2 1/2 inches x 20 inches, 4 1/2 inches x 20 inches.
Installation brackets also available.
We stock a variety of commonly used filters to treat water to the level you desire
If you have a hard to find filter, let us know and we will do our best to find one for you or offer an alternative solution.

UV Lighting Kits for Water Filtration

3. UV Light for Bacterial Control

UV Lighting for bacterial control. Some with pre-filters as part of a kit. Various flow-rates to suit your needs.

Reverse Osmosis Kits filters and Supplies

4. Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment

Typical kit is 2 to 6 stage. Housings require a wrench to remove. Standard filters and membrane sizes. Easy twist on and off kit also available. Example Canature 475 series.
Water Jugs for Sale

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Water Jugs in many sizes and water coolers in many styles

Water Stand Dispenser with Ceramic Jug

Our Products and Services Include:

Water softeners sales, installations and servicing (for most makes and models)
Purified reverse osmosis drinking water
Self-serve station
Various size new water containers available from 4L to 18.9 L
Spring water and distilled water in 18.9 L Jugs
Water dispensers, cradles and spouts
Water coolers top and bottom loading
Proven, reliable back wash Water Softeners, Iron Filters and Chlorine Filters
In-line filters of various sizes – Housings and filters available
U.V. lighting systems for bacteria control
Reverse osmosis drinking systems
Filters and membranes for many makes and models
Salt and Salt alternatives for water softeners
U.V. Lights and lamp sleeves available for most U.V. Systems
Aqua Flow Reverse Osmosis Systems
Pre-paid water packages


Sterilight   Tahoe   Canature   Waterite
Trojan UV Water Filter Supplies and Service
Viqua water

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